Moscow celebrates Emerald Isle’s top saint in style

Although Moscow authorities have cancelled the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, the city is still brimming with four days of special events in honor of Ireland’s favorite saint.

Since 1992, St. Patrick’s Day has been a fixture on the Moscow calendar, with festive events spreading across the Russian capital like wildfire and drawing thousands of fans of the four-leaf clover holiday from all over the country.

Apart from the usual host of themed nights in Moscow pubs and clubs, including traditional Irish beef-and-potato feasts and Guinness parties, there are some traditional feel-good highlights.

The Renaissance Hotel is throwing an Emerald Ball on Saturday, and on Sunday Muscovites will enjoy a festival of traditional and classical Irish music at the International House of Music.

The event will bring together a host of classical and folk musicians, as well as Irish dance troupes from Russia and Ireland.

Also on Sunday, there will be a holiday mass at the Roman Catholic Church of Saint Louis near the Lubyanka Metro station.

In addition, Moscow’s Fourth Irish Film Festival is already in full swing. It runs through the end of next week at Gorizot cinema near the Frunzenskaya Metro station.

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