Moscow court resumes hearings on arrest of athlete accused of deadly blow

MOSCOW, August 22 (Itar-Tass) — Moscow City’s Zamoskvoretsky district court on Monday resumed hearings of a petition by lawyers demanding the arrest of the world champion in mixed martial arts, Rasul Mirzayev, who dealt a mortal blow to a 19-year-old student in the course of a brawl near a downtown nightclub.

A police convoy brought Mirzayev into the courtroom, which was crammed with reporters, in handcuffs and put him behind the bars.

The defendant refused to answer mass media questions and looked at them with a slightly visible smile as they trained their photo cameras on him.

The court held the first hearing on Mirzayev’s arrest last Saturday, the next day after the man’s detention but defender Igor Dergachev asked the judges to put them off then to gather encouraging characteristics of his client and to formulate the position of the defence.

As of Monday, lawyer Alexei Gribensky joined Dergachev in Mirzayev’s defence.


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