Moscow Drags Feet on Approval of ‘March of Millions’

The coordination of the “March of Millions” that the opposition plans to hold in Moscow on May 6, is still underway, the head of Moscow department of the regional security, Alexei Mayorov, said on Thursday.

The “March of Millions” in Moscow to protest the results of parliamentary and presidential elections is scheduled for Sunday. Initially the application was a march from a main square in the capital along one of Moscow’s main streets that ends at Red Square and the walls of the Kremlin. Moscow City Hall, however, disapproved of that route and proposed an alternative, taking the protesters along the banks of the Moscow River and ending at the city’s central Luzhniki Stadium. In turn, the protest organizers offered yet another route along another central street, ending at another large park where they have held prior protests in the past.

“Now we are trying to coordinate the event with the Ministry of Defense, which is organizing a dress rehearsal for the Victory Day parade on this day and with the agencies that are preparing the inauguration of the president,” Mayorov said.

President-elect Vladimir Putin is to be sworn into office on May 7.

According to Left Front leader Sergei Udaltsov, the rally on May 6 will gather not only Moscow and Moscow region residents but also people from other regions, “we are talking about tens of thousands of people,” the opposition leader said. So far 5,000 people said that they are ready to participate in the “March of Millions.”

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