Moscow eyes switch to NY-style grid plan

Moscow city planners are looking to New York for inspiration in developing the capital, as they try to move away from the current system of ever-larger ring roads.

Currently Moscow has three major ring roads, which, some believe, may be the underlying cause of the capital’s never-ending traffic jams.

Back in the days of former Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, the city authorities were planning to construct the fourth ring road, but the project cost $500 million per kilometer, so the idea was shelved.

The new city hall is set to alter the so-called “onion” structure of the city. Officials believe that the system of lanes which is active in the US is much more beneficial in terms of anti-congestion strategy.

Another ambition plan drafted by Moscow authorities is to redevelop Luzhniki Stadium, which will host the 2018 World Cup final.

Having removed all the market stalls inside the stadium, the city hall now wants to modernize Luzhniki’s swimming pool and build a new ice-rink. It also hopes to give the sports complex a cultural function by building a concert hall there.

The construction will be performed by a prominent British company. The cost of the redevelopment is estimated at $20 billion, though some experts have revised this figure downwards.

The largest in Russia, Luzhniki is considered an elite stadium worldwide. Apart from the World Cup final in 2018, it will host the World Athletics Championships in 2013.

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