Moscow opposition rally could annoy parents

Police in Moscow have urged opposition protesters to scrap plans for a demonstration on the eve of the new school year, saying the rally could “irritate” parents.

Russian opposition groups rally in downtown Moscow on the last day of each month that has 31 days in defense of their right to freedom of assembly, as enshrined in Article 31 of the Russian Constitution. Tuesday’s Strategy-31 rally has not been sanctioned by the authorities and is not expected to gather more than a hundred or so protesters.

“Tomorrow, on September 1, thousands of young Muscovites will return to their school desks, and celebratory assemblies dedicated to the beginning of the new school year will be held in each school,” police said.

Police also said that many people would be making last minute plans for the start of the academic year, known as Knowledge Day in Russia.

“The unsanctioned campaign in the center of the city will irritate them,” police said. “That’s why we recommend that participants of Strategy-31 movement abandon their plans to stage the rally and not disturb people going about their preparations.”

Strategy-31 supporters have not commented on the police request.

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