Moscow questions US stance on Syria

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Tuesday 12th March, 2013

Russia has criticised the US stance on Syria and blamed it of bias towards the Syrian oppostion.

On Monday, the US State Department said Washington would keep supporting the Syrian opposition because that was the only possible way to resolve the conflict in the country.

Moscow has described the US’ biased interpretation of the Geneva Communique as supporting the Syrian opposition.

Russian foreign ministry said Tuesday public statements by the US administration’s representatives in support of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces,”point to a one-sided interpretation of the Geneva Communique”.

“This naturally complicates the search for ways to put an end to the armed confrontation in Syria and put the conflict on course for an all-Syria dialog,” the ministry’s spokesperson Alexander Lukashevich said.

Lukashevich reiterated the document was agreed on in Geneva last summer by all the key parties with an interest in the Syria issue, including the US.

It unequivocally calls for a transitional administrative body to be formed through negotiations between the authorities and the opposition, which will control the country until nationwide elections.

“The Geneva consensus leaves no room for any ‘interpretation,” Lukashevich said.

At a meeting on Syria in Geneva in 2012, foreign ministers from UNSC permanent member states and countries neighbouring Syria proposed to establish a transitional Syrian government comprising both the Syrian authorities and opposition forces.



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