Moscow restaurants: exclusive, green, cosmopolitan

If you are wondering what eatery to choose out of the capital’s vast array, tune in to RT’s gastronomic guide around Moscow’s bar and restaurants.

DoDo – downtown gastronomy

A restaurant, bar, and a gastronomy at the same time, DoDo has one of the nicest and most popular summer terraces in the whole capital.

At $15, the city breakfast includes an egg with smoked salmon, some berries and a drink of your choice.

As the day passes and the terrace fills up, visitors move to the restaurant itself. The advantages of staying inside include a huge bar menu and DJ sets on Fridays.

There is also a local gastronomy shop, where you can buy everything necessary for a decent meal – from newly baked bread to pies, pastas and more.

Do not even think about driving to DoDo, though – there is almost no parking space, and finding a spot can become a nightmare.

­Antresol – farmer’s corner

If you are in search for all things natural, head to Antresol – a venue overlooking the farmers market in the Tsvetnoy shopping mall.

It is the perfect place for lunch, with local chefs happy to cook any food you have bought downstairs.

The farmers market has plenty to offer food lovers. When it opened in 2010 in Tsvetnoy mall, few believed high quality raw food could be sold in the middle of the city at a fair price.

Critics were soon proved wrong: there is now all sorts of fish and meat on sale to suit all tastes. “Fair pricing,” though, does not mean you cannot spend a serious amount of money on some tasty beast.

While you are waiting for your meal, there are five floors of shops to visit in the mall – or the restaurant’s comfortable bar.

Be ready that your steak here could turn out to be pretty expensive, costing around $50 a kilogram. The price of it being cooked and served in the restaurant, meanwhile, will be a mere $3.

­Barbados bar – cocktails from East to West

Located close to Pushkinskaya square, right in the heart of Moscow, Barbados works under the patronage of the Russian Cocktail Club, which ensures the quality of drinks here.

Whether you prefer drinks from East or West, you will find them all. A Pina Colada served inside a pineapple? Not a problem! A nicely brewed punch? You got it!

The food on offer in Barbados is also quite cosmopolitan. Choose from the best recipes out of India, Thailand and Spain.

There are not many seats, though: with smoking allowed, it can become less comfortable as more guests arrive.

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