Moscow to hold Super-Babushka contest

Moscow will hold on Wednesday its first contest of grandmothers, Moscow Super-Babushka 2011, the City Government Social Welfare Department has announced.

A total of 105 ladies aged over 50 have put forward their candidacy to compete for the titles of Moscow’s most stylish, modern, elegant, business-minded, creative, artistic, and cheerful granny.

“They are the core of any family, they support children and grandchildren, they create coziness and harmony,” the department said in a statement. “They are not only guardians of family traditions; they are the link between generations. Their energy, wisdom and lust for life are worthy of admiration.”

The babushka traditionally plays a very important role in Russian society. Babushkas bring up children and then grandchildren, do most of the household chores, go shopping – and therefore often rule the roost at the house.


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