Moscow to issue taxi licenses with e-chips from January 1

MOSCOW, August 3 (Itar-Tass) —— Moscow’s authorities will begin issuing taxi licenses, containing electronic chips, from January 1, Deputy Mayor of Moscow and Head of the Department of transport and road infrastructures Nikolai Lyamov told the first All-Russian congress of taxi drivers.

The congress is supervised by the All-Russian Popular Front.

Lyamov demonstrated a sample – a laminated document of the A4 format. The Moscow government began receiving applications from entrepreneurs so that from September 1 they could work legally, he said.

“We have received about 1,700 applications, among them over 300 are from individual entrepreneurs and over 1,400 – from taxi companies,” Lyamov said.

Applications are filed not over the table only, but electronically via the state services portal.

“If an application is for up to ten cabs, the license is issued the same day, and if it is for ten and more cabs – within two days,” he said. “The license is issued free of charge.”

By the end of summer, officially registered taxi drivers will get specially allocated taxi-ranks with separate exits and places for taking passengers. The city has planned 1,400 ranks along roads and 165 ranks at transport hubs /railway stations, airports, etc./

The Moscow city government hopes this approach will make it possible to legalize taxi and to get rid of ‘gray cabs’.

“Those who enter the legal market, simply would not let in those who work illegally,” Lyamov said.

He stressed specifically that the Moscow Mayor’s Office does not think it necessary to interfere with taxi fares.

“We share a clear understanding that every company knows better how to do it /to regulate the fares/,” he said. “Normal competition may lower prices at certain companies.”

Besides, as yet the Moscow authorities do not insist on any specific colors for taxi companies. Russia’s federal law number 69 leaves this issue for consideration of regional authorities. “Gradually,” we shall come to some specific color, he assured.


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