Moscow to Spend $33 Bln on Subway Expansion

The city of Moscow plans to spend over a trillion rubles (some $33 billion) by 2020 extending the capital city’s subway system, Andrei Bochkaryov, the head of the municipal construction department, said.

“The total volume of financing has been set at over a trillion rubles, which includes the planning and construction [of the subway system] up to 2020,” Bochkaryov said.

The Moscow metro, one of the world’s largest and most beautiful subway systems, will be extended by 145.5 km (about 90 miles) of rail lines and equipped with 67 new stations, he said.

Bochkaryov also said the new stations will be equipped with toilets, a luxury omitted by Soviet construction planners.

Currently, the total length of the Moscow metro, opened in 1935, comes to 305.5 km on 12 lines with 185 stations. It is the second-most heavily used rapid transit system in the world after Tokyo’s subway.


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