Moscow urges Lithuania for uncompromising fight against growth of racism

MOSCOW, August 5 (Itar-Tass) —— Moscow has called on Lithuanian authorities for an uncompromising fight against the growth of racism in the country and avoidance of double-standard policies, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

The summer camp organized by the Lithuanian National Youth Movement under the slogans “Lithuania for Lithuanians” and “Cleansing from Slavonic and Germanic Languages” mirrors the growth of xenophobia and racist feelings in the country, the ministry said.

“In the period of Lithuanian presidency at the OSCE, the human rights situation must be in the focus of attention not only in the case of foreign countries but, especially, in the local respect, while the presiding nation must give an example of uncompromising fight against any forms of xenophobia and racism in line with recommendations from international organizations,” the ministry said. “Nevertheless, the attitude of Vilnius to the aforesaid event displays a clear adherence to double standards.”

On one hand, the Lithuanian prime minister condemned the action post factum “as the one shattering confidence and inciting inter-ethnic hatred,” the ministry said. “On the other hand, no preventive measures were taken. Even so, the project of the National Youth Movement enjoyed governmental financial support, and officials took part in the odious action.”

Moscow states with regret that such alarming trends have been gaining momentum on the OSCE space, the ministry said. “With the connivance or even with participation of authorities, various [among them international] events are being held to promote neo-Nazi and racist views and revisions of the WW2 outcome although the world paid a high price for winning that war,” the ministry said.

“Any compromises or connivance with such viewpoints and feelings are impermissible,” it noted.

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