Moscow will have 60 new churches and still no new mosque

Moscow (AsiaNews / Agencies) ndash; It is more difficult to build a single mosque than 60 churches in Moscow.
Muslims, who are well aware of this given that Russia for years has denied them permission to build a new place of worship, look helplessly at the decision of the mayor of the capital Sergei Sobianin, to give the green light to 60 new Russian Orthodox churches.
“We welcome the unprecedented decision,” said the spokesman of the Russian Orthodox Church Vladimir Viguilianski.
In the Russian capital there is an Orthodox church for every 25 thousand inhabitants, compared with the ratio of 1:10,000, which is found in the rest of the country, says Viguilianski.
After 70 years of state atheism, “Moscow now has 350 Orthodox churches, five times less than before the October revolution of 19…

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