Muscovites Devour Black Caviar in Speed Eating Contest

The first ever black caviar speed eating championship was organized in Moscow over the weekend, the RBK TV online resource said.

“I once saw a report on how they made big chocolate truffles in Georgia and organized an eating competition. I remembered foggy Albion where they compete in nettle speed eating contests and hamburger [speed eating contests] in America. I thought, why shouldn’t we do our own, Russian competition? So it happened,” organizer Alexander Novikov said.

Hundreds of guests attended the competition held at a ritzy restaurant in downtown Moscow. Twelve contestants were chosen by a lottery. They were to consume half a kilogram of the luxurious delicacy costing tens of thousands of dollars as quickly as possible. The entire contest reportedly cost organizers 2 million rubles ($70,000).

The winner, who identified himself as Alexander Valov, 49, conquered his rivals by devouring his half-kilogram in one minute and 26 seconds. As a prize, he got 10,000 rubles ($340) and more caviar to take home.

Organizers offered each competitor half a kilogram of black caviar as a prize for participation.

Russia resumed its official exports of sturgeon caviar to the European Union in February 2011, after a nine-year ban introduced in 2002.


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