Museum of Charles Aznavour opens in Armenia

World famous French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour now has a museum in the Armenian capital, Yerevan. Aznavour cut the ribbon of the new museum in the presence of French President, Nicholas Sarkozy, and Armenian President, Serzh Sargsyan.

The museum occupies a five-storey building in one of the upper terraces of Yerevan and includes an open-air concert hall for 120-150 people, as well as Aznavour`s apartment and the museum itself. Inside there is an exhibition of the singer’s discs, albums, books and music awards. The walls are covered with posters and photographs.

The museum project began in 2007, and was financed from the state budget of Armenia at a cost of approximately €1.3 million. The building was finished in 2009 and Aznavour’s foundation began decorating the interior of the museum.

Aznavour, whose real name is Shahnour Aznavourian, was born in France to Armenian parents. He keeps close ties with the country of his ancestors and is widely admired and praised in Armenia for his musical talent as well as his active charity work in the region.

After the devastating earthquake in Armenia in 1988, Aznavour founded the charity organization “Aznavour for Armenia” to help with the consequences of the disaster.

In 1995 the singer was appointed an Ambassador and Permanent Delegate of Armenia to UNESCO and in 2009 he became Armenian ambassador to Switzerland as well as a permanent delegate to the United Nations.

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