Musical Mystery Tour

When film noir and jazz come together, expect the unexpected: music with a “who-done-it” plot, inspired by David Lynch’s psychological thriller Twin Peaks.

­Dale Cooper Quartet the Dictaphones have been under the influence of the mystery drama to the point where they even took their name from the film’s lead character, FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Enveloped in enigma, with Yann Tiersen’s vocalist Gaëlle Kerrien in the limelight, these mystery-loving musicians create signature “black-and-white ballads” taking audiences “to the end of the night.”

“Keep driving till you find a way out
City neon hums around what you’d think you’ve left behind
Your American freedom isn’t worth a dime
The night’s not dark enough to cover you…”

Smooth and sophisticated, minimal and yet rich, they experiment with electronic and acoustic sounds, in search for inspiration, driven by improvisation.

The French Quartet will play a live gig in Russia for the first time, with their only performance in Moscow on November 3.

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