Naked cabbie combats evil in the name of love

Dozens of cars wrecked, an army of traffic cops called to the scene – a taxi driver’s erratic odyssey brought chaos to Moscow’s roads at the weekend. The cabbie, who was stark naked, told police, “I was flying on the wings of love.”

Moscow traffic police had to mobilize all its forces in a bid to capture the street racer in a taxi cab who managed to evade capture for some time. In the course of the chase, the suspect narrowly missed a bus packed with children.

“There’s a school nearby. And the bus was parked on the road, kids were inside it. Only thanks to the police convoy, which got in the way of the racer, the bus itself was not hit and nobody was hurt,”
a spokesperson for the local police department told website.

Only after police opened fire on the car did the driver stop. But this was only the prelude to the show proper.

As the man emerged from his vehicle, it became apparent that he was stark naked. When pushed to the ground, he began chanting Save and Protect, passing on to the Russian national anthem, reported on Monday. Not a drop of alcohol had passed his lips, as blood tests later proved.   

So what lay behind the driver’s risky race? A bleeding heart, the driver stated. “I was flying on the wings of love”, he said. “My lover said she was not ready for a serious relationship, and I went to talk to her,” he explained.

“Everything happened right in front of me. He almost hit a policeman, and that made us go in pursuit. He struck four or six of our cars, and more than a dozen civilian ones! We followed him through the entire western district,” a local police officer told LifeNews.

Vitaly Grodic, a Moldavian national, insists he never drinks nor even smokes. He proclaimed himself a Messiah, and promised to change the world for the better.  

“When I was in the dark,” Grodic said, “Evil came and took my lover. I wanted nothing but good. But he took my lover. Now I want to give birth to new life on this planet. There will be no wars anymore because I’ve come.”     

Mr. Grodic said there was no other God than him, and that he would fight against evil. Those dozens cars that he ploughed into during the pursuit were all evil, naturally, the driver explained, and he could not but hit them.

The detained taxi driver has now been sent for psychiatric tests. If proven to be of sound mind – which seems more than improbable – he may face charges of causing 17 traffic accidents and resisting arrest.

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