Nationalists Are Burning Federal Buildings and Degenerate Art Museums in France

This post was written on Sunday, Dec. 2. and contains important on-the-ground details not available in the mainstream media.

It’s been a busy day for news in France. To really understand what is happening right now, you have to understand the events that preceded it.

So, predictably, Macron gave an order to post all the major amounts of the forces and material to Paris in response to the yellow vests continuing to hold the Champs-Elysées.

France Bleu:

For the moment, 57 mobile forces are planned in Paris, more than 4,000 men, says Grégory Joron, national delegate of the unit SGP Police Unit CRS. This is as much as for the big demonstration after the Charlie Hebdo attacks .

According to Grégory Joron, intelligence and surveillance cameras in the transport sector would make it possible to control those suspected of being thugs. Those who carry weapons, chisels, machetes, and who are often already known to the police, could be stopped before they arrive on the scene of the demonstrations, explains Grégory Joron. This prevention could “avoid confrontations that last seven hours like last Saturday,” he adds.

Gregory Joron recalls that last weekend was very trying. The CRS are tired, he says, it’s been months since they got a break.

The yellow vests did not decide to directly confront this massive force. They responded by first doing provocative measures in the provinces, not in Paris.

This guy stormed into government proceedings, threw a yellow vest on the ground and told them next time they come they are taking over everything. This only was filmed in one location, but happened at hundreds all around France.

So today they showed the regional administrators they were not fooling around.

They laid siege to a prefecture in Haute-Loire. For those unaware, these are the seats of government. The American equivalent would be federal buildings. They demanded the préfet (a jew who runs regional control for ZOG) come out and submit himself to the will of the mob.

You can faintly hear the crowd there chanting “on est chez nous” — a nationalist phrase meaning “this is our home.”

When the préfet refused to submit to the will of the people, they lit the place on fire, with him still inside.

The yellow vests have an 84% approval rating in the French public. The cops outside of CRS (France’s riot control squads) are 100% with the people. CRS has a long and documented history of being compromised by Communists since its very inception, as it was organized in the postwar environment to use kid gloves with commies and antifa and brutally quell any nationalist insurgency.


Communist sympathisers were highly present in the ranks of some of the early companies (due to their history of engagement in the French Resistance, and according to some – due to a desire to practice entryism).

But outside CRS, which has riot control as its main function, the French police are all nationalist sympathizers. They listen to the podcast at Démocratie Participative (the #2 dissident right site in the world, after Daily Stormer) and hate nonwhites because they have to deal with the blacks and Moslems that the Jewish interests have flooded their country with on a daily basis.

And, like the above article said. The CRS is tired. They are tiring every day. If they tap out, that just leaves normal cops and potentially the military left to keep order if they are summoned to Paris, and they have all the guns and are ready to execute the plan.

The inaction and partial participation of local authorities in the burning of that federal building with its head agent inside should tell you tell you all you need to know. They are legally obligated to defend that thing with force, and they either stood by grinning or put on a yellow vest and helped. And the federal cops, the CRS? They’ve all been summoned to Paris. There is nobody to defend the provinces now.

And what pray tell is happening in Paris? With thousands of communist sympathizer CRS feds holding the Champs-Elysées, the remaining yellow vest forces not deployed to the provinces are splitting into small, tactical units and getting things done elsewhere in the area.

For days the government and media have been trying to get the yellow vests spokesmen and leaders to “negotiate” with. This has been largely a failure, and for example, Benjamin Cauchy, the supposed neoliberal-turned-radical right “representative” of the yellow vests in Toulouse was evicted from the groups of protestors and took to the radio to decry the “lack of democracy that exists within the ‘yellow vest’ movement.”

The Jewish controlled media have been going nuts for weeks because Hervé Ryssen, a fugitive from justice after being convicted for hate speech laws in relation to anti-Semitic statements, has been the single most visible face of the movement as he has been photographed multiple times fighting cops and agitating in public. They’ve been desperately trying to coopt this thing, and having failed to get “representatives” that they choose to control the mobs, they have just in time foolishly sent out their antifa and commie pets to the Champs-Elysées to get their skulls bashed in.

So the yellow vests are wisely letting the antifa and communists now get beat up by the cops, and are wisely doing tactical operations only in Paris. First– they are doing solid PR to the military to reassure those in it that are not initiated whose side they are on. While the communists were defacing the Arc de Triomphe, the real yellow vests were protecting the flame of the unknown soldier from vandals.

While this did not hit French media, it was heavily shared among the military. While at this point all the French equivalents of O-7s and 0-8s (Lieutenant Generals and Major Generals) are on the nationalist side, the rank and file can’t exactly be told what is going on and needs lots of PR like this to be reassured that ignoring the orders of the President and some of the O-10s (Senior Generals) will be the right thing to do.

Second, they have guys compensating for their lack of control in numbers, given the tactical forces’ withdrawal, by controlling the streets with the creation of roadblocks.

Thirdly, they had crews sabotage critical supply line infrastructure, focusing on various forms of transit.

The feds can’t show up in greater numbers if they’re stranded in cities because their connecting flights are shut down.

Finally, what they chose to destroy is just as relevant as what they chose to protect and disrupt:

For those uninitiated the introduction sentence to this facility will let you in on the secret: “The Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume is an arts centre for modern and postmodern photography and media.

You can only imagine what that implies in a country that houses Jewish child rapists like Roman Polansky as refugees. It’s basically an all you can eat cheese pizza buffet. Purely Satanic, a celebration of ritualized sexual abuse. Every decent man in France knows this.

This, my friends, is a frog whistle.

The real leaders behind the yellow vests, who will remain anonymous, are sending the message that they control the streets, the supply chains, keep the order, protect what is good, and destroy sources of social decay.

This operation is being done with military precision, marketed to the military, with the obvious end goal of military coup.

The nationalists are about to take France.

I’ve avoided spelling this out too clearly in English for a while now as I’ve largely been in the know more than most, not wanting to jynx anything, but now that the federal buildings are burning with the feds inside, it is too late for anyone to stop. This is it. This is an unmistakable act of war. It is the people versus the Jewish interests and their servants– and the people are winning.

Today the BBC was filming live and a passerby screams “Macron pute à juif!” (Macron is the whore for the Jews) into a global broadcast. At 4:57 (sorry, timestamp previously wrong):

This is how the people on the street are talking. It is plainly racist, and the movement is entirely white.

There are snipers on the Champs-Elysées pointing guns at people as we speak.

It’s all about to come to a head.  Paris: officially not gay anymore.

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