NATO assistance comes at ‘fantastic cost’ to Libyans

NATO is not targeting Gaddafi, but will strike any compound where the Libyan leader might be located, said a NATO spokesman in Naples on Tuesday. But activist Lyndsey German believes NATO should not have started its intervention in the first place.

­NATO has killed thousands in Libya on the grounds they were protecting civilians, says Lyndsey German of the “Stop the War” coalition. But the activist insists the Arab world is quite capable of solving political crises without any external assistance.  

The lesson of history in the Middle East is that they do not need the British or the French – or anybody else – to intervene in their countries,” she told RT. “The Arab League is quite capable of making their own decisions. Whether they win or lose is much better when they do make their own decisions rather than when they are dependent on Britain, as this new government [in Libya] will be.

NATO’s air raids cleared the rebels’ way to Tripoli, but this was at the “fantastic cost” of intervening in the middle of what started as a genuine uprising, argues German.

German is also frustrated that conflicting media reports coming from Libya are used to justify Western intervention into the country.

We had the International Criminal Court saying that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi was in custody when clearly they did not know conclusively that it was the case. It has been used in a political way to imply that the regime was weaker at that particular time,” German told RT. “This form of misinformation should not be coming from an international institution.”

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