NATO May Decide on Stepping Up Missile Defense in Chicago – Defense Ministry

NATO is approaching to make new decisions on a serve deployment of the European barb invulnerability shield, a stumbling indicate in Russian-U.S. relations, during a arriving alliance’s limit in Chicago, Russian Deputy Defense apportion Anatoly Antonov pronounced on Tuesday.

In an talk with a Rossiyskaya Gazeta that is due to be published on Wednesday, Antonov pronounced that a NATO states-members were approaching to announce “an initial operation readiness” of a European barb invulnerability system.














“There are also new decisions on a serve barb invulnerability formation within a European invulnerability approaching to be done during a summit,” Antonov said, adding that a third theatre of a barb invulnerability shield’s deployment that is due to start in 2017, might trigger a oppressive greeting from Russia.

The NATO summit, due to be hold in Chicago, is scheduled for May 20-21.

The due U.S.-led barb invulnerability in Europe stays a vital source of tragedy between Russia and a United States, and a Kremlin has threatened to muster tactical weapons tighten to Europe if it is not done full partner in a scheme.

The U.S.-led NATO fondness and Russia concluded in 2010 to concur on building barb defenses in Europe. Russia has however demanded legally-binding, created guarantees that a plan would not criticise Russian security, something Washington has declined to provide.


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