NATO war in Libya still run by America

NATO has agreed to take over all military operations in Libya, taking command away from the Pentagon – or have they? Critics claim America is still in control.

Journalist Pepe Escobar from the Asia Times said although NATO has taken control, America is still in control to an extent.

This is an enormous enterprise built on lies,” he said.

He argued that papers leaked by Italian intelligence eluded o a planned French operation where the French propped up rebellion in Libya in order to set up for an intervention and invasion. This is why France too the lead and was the first to recognize the rebels and call for intervention. France and the US are strong allies.

Now, with the US involved in the intervention, the US and the UN are supporting and fighting alongside the rebels – who are al-Qaeda, Escobar argued. It is all part of the agenda of global humanitarian imperialists.

To sum it all up, it’s still an American war,” he argued. “NATO is basically the Pentagon.”

Escobar said NATO with UN authority takes American orders, no matter what. The Pentagon is still in charge. Even the commanding general, who is Canadian, will take orders from American, he argued.

Nobody trusts the UN anymore,” he commented. “Everybody knows that NATO is the UN’s armed body.”

Moving forward, America’s new NATO branded war in Libya is just another American intervention under the guise of humanitarianism with an imperialist agenda.

There is no end game, there is no end in sight,” he added. “Nobody knows where this thing could go. It could become a new Afghanistan.”

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