Navalny Urges Public to Write Political Slogans on Banknotes

Russian opposition blogger Alexei Navalny has called on members of the public to write or stamp political slogans on every banknote they handle.

Banknotes handwritten or stamped with Navalny’s trademark slogan – “United Russia is the party of crooks and thieves” – began appearing at the end of last year.

Navalny reckons that if 5,000 people each stamp 100 banknotes, then every citizen of the country will handle at least one such banknote.

Putting political slogans on ruble bills could form part of the Good Truth Machine propaganda campaign that Navalny and his supporters launched in late May.

Although writing or stamping does not invalidate the banknote, back in 2010 the Central Bank of Russia decided that it would remove from circulation any banknotes with inscriptions of two or more characters.

But the initiative may still see Navalny wind up in court. In late May a resident of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk was prosecuted for the extremist slogans he wrote on banknotes he handled.


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