New Rule to Limit Senators’ Mobile Phones Use

Russia’s Federation Council is to ban senators from using mobile phones during plenary sessions and conferences, under new regulations being planned for the upper house of parliament.

The proposal was suggested by Voronezh region senator Gennady Makin on Wednesday.

“Senators walk around, talk by phone, turn their back to the presidium during sessions,” he said.  Makin said such behavior by senators  -“whether they demonstrate how busy they are, their importance or lack of culture” – did not add credibility to the Federation Council.

Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko supported Makin, asking the Rules Committee to ban bringing mobile phones into conference rooms.

“After all, senators should not be distracted during the session, but in order to decide important questions we will make breaks,” Matvienko said.

Such a rule would be introduced to the regulations in the near future.


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