New victim caught in ‘blonde Russian spy’s’ web?

The London-based suspected spy, Ekaterina Zatuliveter, 26, compromises another government official after a German Foreign Ministry employee sends hundreds of emails “to Russia with love”.

­The questionably extensive daily email exchange, with his alleged Russian mistress, may cost a German official dearly, reports German Focus weekly.

It’s still unclear if the correspondence contained sensitive data, but work-related subjects like NATO and US diplomatic visits to Germany were definitely mentioned.   Reports claim that she may have transferred information obtained from the German official to Russian security services, claim reports.  Zatuliveter, has her personal blog on RT.

The unnamed official first met Zatuliveter back in April 2010. Germany’s Foreign Ministry has declined to comment.

This of course is not the first time Zatuliveter’s been caught up in a love affair linked to espionage.  In December 2010 she was detained after being accused of having an affair with her former employer, British Liberal Democrat MP,  Mike Hancock.  It was claimed she was working as a “sleeper” spy for Russian intelligence in his offices.

At the moment Zatuliveter is mounting a legal battle against attempts to deport her from UK. She denies spying allegations but admits her affair with Hancock.

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