Nikola Tesla’s Amazing Wireless Power Towers Actually Exist in Russia

What Tesla had in mind and never managed to complete beyond mere trials is what now Croatian scientist might manage to do. With already built Tesla towers in Russia that have the option to store electrical energy but still need to transmit it via cables, we might be entering a new era of development of human civilization.

If you want to see how Tesla towers look like you can see them just 40km from Moscow and at the moment this is the only example of such electric generators in the world, and yeah it’s energy can supply the entire Russia (however just for 100 microseconds).

There experiments in Russia aren’t new, this is the legacy of Soviet Union that started these tests in 1980’s where they built towers which channeled energy from lightning storms for many reasons. However this is very unique and you won’t find it anywhere else. It would be nice if Croatian Marin Soljačić would team up with scientists of this facility and we might see real fully functional Tesla Tower before we imagine.

This facility is not operational due to the high cost of it’s maintenance, so it is only turned on on special occasions.

Russian TV stations said that when it is turned on due to high voltage and static charge anyone standing anywhere close will make it’s hair bristle. What can we say, Slavs (in this case Serbs, Croats and Russians) might change the human civilization once again, for better!

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