NJ GOP candidate says women "should act like whores"

Let’s say you’re running for State Senate of New Jersey and you pull an “oops” and go and tell women across the Garden State and the world that they should act like whores. What do you do?

Republican candidate Phil Mitsch is apparently a man of his word.

Despite the GOP urging him to drop out of the upcoming race for a recent comment the candidate posted on his Twitter page, Mitsch is not only sticking by his statement but is defending it too.

To a Twitter audience of around 44,000, Mitsch microblogged last month, “Women, you increase your odds of keeping your men by being faithful, a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom.”

Facing an expectable backlash as campaign season nears to a close, Mitsch recently met with the editorial board of The Philadelphia Enquirer and said, bluntly, “That’s a great tip.”

“That shows the utmost respect for women,” Mitsch revealed to the board in defense of his oh-totally-not-inappropriate tweet. “What I was trying to say to men was, ‘Men, look, if you got to go out and play around and you can’t be honest with a woman and respect her, then you’re better off just doing pay, play, and get the ‘F’ away,” he said.

While his Twitter has only recently been taken offline, a good sampling of his poetic archives has been posted elsewhere on the Web, including the popular website Gawker.com. There they reveal that Mitsch often would take to tweeting his respectable, gender-sensitive comments, including this gem from September: “When a woman lets a man make love to her she is really letting him make love to her heart and soul.”

Who knew that a Republican from New Jersey had such a sensitive side? Now with Chris Christie officially out of the presidential picture, perhaps Mitsch hasn’t forfeited the Senate race because he has higher hopes in mind. Would he be the first womanizer in the oval office? Hardly.

Also tweeted Mitsch, “To hell with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Just give me passion.”

Well, at least we know he cares. What other politicians can say that?

On his official website, Mitsch proposes a 10 bill plan he hopes to enact as senator to help revive New Jersey’s economy. Among them at number four is a state work program for the unemployed.

Mitsch has yet to confirm if this is related to his whore-initiative or not.

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