Number of names in Cyrillic domain .rf up 22% in Jan–Jun

MOSCOW, Aug 4 (PRIME) — The number of domain names registered in Russias Cyrillic-based top-level domain .rf increased 22.2% in JanuaryJune to 855,751 domain names as of the end of June, the Coordination Center for Top-Level Domain .RU said in a statement Thursday.

Also, the number of domain names registered in top-level domain .ru rose 6.5% in this period to 3.331 million domain names as of June 30, the coordination center said.

Open registration of domain names in Cyrillic started in Russia in November 2010. Before the open registration, priority registration of domain names for government bodies, trademark holders, owners of mass media, and non-profit organizations had been held in stages from late 2009.


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