Obama: Gaddafi must go!

Although the mission according to the UN is humanitarian in nature, the overall goal of US President Barack Obama appears to be a coup – eventually.

I have stated that it is U.S. policy that Gaddafi needs to go,” Obama reiterated in a recent press conference.

But to begin with, Obama said he intends to stick to the UN humanitarian mandate.

Never the less the US and its allies have actively bombed Gaddafi’s compound, destroying buildings in the name of humanitarian aid.

The US President explained that the US boasts an array of tools, including the military, to ensure Gaddafi is forced from power. Ranging from the use of sanctions to freezing Gaddafi’s assets, the US would be successful in realizing their goal, he contended.

On the ground in Libya recently a US F-15 fighter jet crashed, forcing the two crewmembers to eject.

A spokesman for the US military said both crew members had been recovered safely and with only minor injuries.

Libyan government supporters claimed they brought the fighter down, the US however contended the craft crashed due to a mechanical failure.

As the war rages on, many are wondering how much this will cost, and why it is a priority and American taxpayers are not – given a skyrocketing budget deficit and high US unemployment.

Derrick Crowe, the political director at the Brave New Foundation explained the American involvement in Libya shows the US has money, but it is not being spent on the right priorities.

We have plenty of money in the United States when it meets the priorities of our policy makers, just none for the people,” he said.

The narrative across Washington is that America is broke, it must save and cut back – but military spending continues to grow.

We have plenty of money for things like war,” said Crowe. “We just don’t have anything to educate our children apparently. I think that points out a broader problem in the American political system. Our leaders aren’t hearing us.”

It’s very clear that the determinant here is whether there’s a US national security interest involved with oil prices and oil reserves, you just look at it and that’s just got to be what it is,” he added.

The US government is placing a greater priority on oil elsewhere than on the needs of its own people – and is willing to spend billions in their endeavor.

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