Obama’s truck and Teleprompters go missing

Sometimes even the most powerful man in the world forgets to lock the door.

An unmarked truck containing around $200,000 worth of White House gear mysteriously disappeared from a hotel parking lot in North Carolina on Monday, jeopardizing the whereabouts of several bulletproof podiums, a portable sound system and the see-thru Teleprompter that Barack Obama uses to deliver his presidential addresses.

Shortly after authorities noticed that, um, the president’s truck was missing, it turned up outside of a Holiday Inn Express

The White House has yet to comment on who was responsible, what exactly happened or how several hundred thousand dollars of high-tech equipment used daily by the president of the United States of America managed to disappear from a Marriott parking lot in Chesterfield, NC. The incident occurred in-between engagements during President Obama’s current three-day bus tour of the Mid Atlantic.

Authorities have remained mostly mum on the incident since it was first reported yesterday, but now a statement from a Defense Information Systems Agency spokesperson reads, “No classified or sensitive information was in the vehicle. We take incidents such as this very seriously and a formal investigation is continuing.”

Could bumbling Barry have left the keys in the ignition? Was it a clever prank from those jokers with the Secret Service? Or maybe someone in North Carolina just wanted to take a giant truck for a joyride?

Otherwise, neither the White House nor the military has commented on who was behind the incident or if anything was stolen. If you happen to see a suspicious person staring into a Teleprompter and urging passerbys to “pass this bill,” it might be a good enough reason to call the Secret Service up and let them know.

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