Occupy Wall Street – Commercializing the Revolution

Companies big and small have been swarming to the encampment like bees to honey. For example, there are 99-percent effective Occupy condoms helping Americans fight against being screwed.

“The attention we’ve gotten over this last week has been great. Orders have been coming in. We have sold a couple of thousand Occupy condoms,” said Adam Glickman of Condomania in Los Angeles.

There are over 3,000 items of Occupy Wall Street merchandise – pins, T-shirts and even an Occupiers’ hygiene kit – starting at 12 bucks a pack – available for purchase on Ebay.

A nice fresh pie, tomato sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni make up an Occu-pied meat pizza – a neighborhood special sold a few steps away from where the camp has been set up.

“We have Occu-pie meat, with pepperoni, Occu-pie vegan without cheese, just green peppers and Occu-pie veggie – with mushrooms,” revealed Liberatos pizza worker Marion Caceda.

While regular pies are 22 dollars, the Occupy pizzas are on sale – at 15 bucks.

The pizza smells and looks good, but does it have a true taste of revolution? RT asked the occupiers this question.

“I taste freedom. It’s a little greasy, but I can taste the potential of change in it,” said one protester.

“It tastes like victory,” said another occupier.

Protesters don’t seem to mind that businesses are using the Occupy Wall Street name to stir up sales.

“Part of the reason why this movement is so successful is because people in business, people who theoretically profit off this exploitation, are also unhappy with the way things are working,” said Harrison Schultz, a member of the Occupy Wall Street PR team.

As they say – everyone is just trying to keep afloat in a terrible economy.

“It’s the 99 percent. They’re trying to make their own ends meet. Feed families. Keep their electricity turned on,” said protester Joey Piersen.

“People making a couple of bucks here and there – nothing compared to the Goldman Sachs gang. Far too few have much too much,” said trendscaster Gerald Celente.

As well as so many having so little – that’s exactly why the protesters are camping out – with a little help from businesses spreading the word.

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