Oil Refinery Near St. Petersburg Briefly Catches Fire

An oil refinery in the Leningrad region briefly caught fire late on Sunday, emergencies services said.

The fire at the Kinef refinery, one of the largest in north-western Russia, was reported at about 8:20 pm local time (16:20 GMT). It broke out in the middle of an operating petroleum refining facility some 15-20 meters above the ground.

Fifty firefighters were sent to the scene, and the flame was put out at 10:40 pm local time (18:40 GMT).

No injuries were reported.

The Kinef oil refinery is owned by Surgutneftegas, one of Russia’s largest energy companies. The plant was built in 1966.

In 2008, five people were killed in a hydrogenous mixture explosion and a subsequent fire at the refinery.


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