On and on with Badu

What is Baduizm? Who better to ask than the very soulful Erykah Badu herself, whose music mirrors her personal philosophy and who is on her way to Moscow.

­The Grammy Award winner has been inspired by the vibes of African culture and deep-rooted “black American” folk traditions.

Some call her their “African queen,” others “the queen of neosoul.”

The African beauty does more than just sing; she also gives out messages, sharing her experience with others. She is not a cheesy singer-songwriter, but a blunt storyteller.

Next Lifetime, Didn’t Cha Know, Other Side of The Game, Window Seat, Bag Lady – each song offers a stream of ideas, images and ideologies. Her signature videos are also part of the “game,” created like imaginative mini-movies.

Badu has so much personality and soul, not to mention her funny side, that her music makes you go “on and on,” feeding you with creative and practical ideas. Badu has a recipe for soothing you even when both you and she are feeling lost and down.

Her live gig in the Russian capital on November 1 is a chance to get nourished and inspired the most natural way – Badu-style.

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