Opposition Activists Detained before Petersburg Protest Stroll Released

Opposition leader Olga Kurnosova and an opposition activist who were detained in the center of St. Petersburg before their protest stroll were released from the police, they were fined for violating traffic rules, Olga Kurnosova said.

“I was fined 500 rubles for traffic violation. This, of course, is not worth four hours of wasted time,” Kurnosova said adding that the other activist was fined 200 rubles.

Earlier she reported that she was detained before the opposition protest stroll in the center of St. Petersburg. The were no incidents during the stroll, protesters gathered on St. Isaac’s Square in St. Petersburg around 3 pm. They went along Bolshaya Morskaya Street and Nevsky Prospekt to Arts Square, where they danced around the monument to Pushkin and recited poetry. Opposition members took the same route back and returned to St. Isaac’s Square.

Protest walks have been held in St. Petersburg for the second time. Initially, opposition activists gathered in the public garden on St. Isaac’s Square where they socialized, played games and sang songs, peacefully protesting against the authorities.

The idea of a “protest walk” was suggested by writer Boris Akunin who actively participated in protests against the alleged fraud at the parliamentary elections in winter.


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