Orthodox-Catholic tensions in Russia

CHENNAI: In a July 24, 2002 meeting with U.S. Acting Deputy Chief of Mission George Frowick, Archbishop Antonio Veglio, Secretary of the Congregation for Eastern Churches, shared the Vatican’s frustration with the Russian Orthodox Church, according to a cable accessed by The Hindu through WikiLeaks.
According to Archbishop Veglio, Russian Orthodoxy posed a hindrance ‘;to the vitality and survival of the disparate Eastern Rite Catholic communities in Eurasia,’; which are those Christian Rites in ‘;formerly communist Europe’; which, ‘;while not Roman Catholic,’; ‘;recognize the Roman Pope as leader of the faithful’; ( 3387: confidential, dated July 26, 2002).
Archbishop Veglio shared with Mr. Frowick ‘;the difficulties Catholics face with the Russian Orthodox Church,’; and suggested that ‘…

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