Ousted president may return to Honduras this month

The former president of Honduras, who was bundled out of the country during a 2009 military coup, will return from exile this month, a high-ranking supporter said.

“Zelaya will return to Honduras in May, though the precise date of his return is yet unknown,” said Juan Barahona, a coordinator with the pro-Zelaya National Popular Resistance Front.

Former Honduran leader Manuel Zelaya was ousted from the post of the country’s president in June last year and expelled over efforts to seek an unconstitutional second presidential term. Charges of corruption and constitutional violation had been laid against him, but were recently dropped, paving the way for his return.

Porfirio Lobo of the Honduran opposition National Party won presidential elections in Honduras in November 2009.


MEXICO, May 11 (RIA Novosti)

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