Pakistan to investigate deaths of alleged "Chechen militants"

Provincial authorities in Pakistan have appointed a special investigation commission to probe circumstances in which five people, reportedly Russians, were killed by police, Pakistan’s GEO TV said.

“Police and border guards are also conducting their own probe into the accident,” the channel quoted provincial interior minister Zafrullah Baloch as saying.

The results of the investigation are to be announced in two weeks.

Pakistani media reported on Tuesday that five suspected Chechen militants, including three women, were killed at a checkpoint near the regional capital Quetta. Police sources later said the attackers were “suicide bombers” and carried Russian passports with Iranian visas.

Days after the announcement, Pakistani media cited eyewitnesses as saying the victims rendered no resistance and were ready to give themselves up. Some even said the weapons were planted on them when they died.

The Russian embassy in Pakistan has so far received no official information on the identity of those killed.

NEW DELHI, May 22 (RIA Novosti)

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