Parachutists form record giant flower in sky

An army of parachutists has taken to the skies of Moscow Region to jump straight into the Guinness Book of Records.

All 186 people formed a giant flower in the sky – the largest of its kind in Russia. The previous record saw 180 skydivers join hands in free fall.

The sportsmen now plan to beat their own achievement with over 200 participants, but they would have to double that for the world record, which was set in Thailand back in 2006.

Russian sportsmen are well-known for the miracles they work up in the sky. In April 2011, the Russian Knights, a renowned aerobatics team, celebrated 20 years of riding together across the skies.

Although each plane weighs more than 20 tons, their shows are packed with many daredevil maneuvers.

Their first show in the UK impressed the Queen so much that she personally asked them to fly over Buckingham Palace. Since then, they have regularly taken part in major air shows all around the world.

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