Party prospects for Seliger youth forum

Vasily Yakemenko, the head of the Russian Federal Youth Agency, did not rule out that in future, the participants of the annual summer youth forum at Lake Seliger in the Tver region may unite into a political party.

The gathering, organized by the Youth Agency with the support of the pro-Kremlin movement “Nashi” (Ours), is held from July 1 till August 2, and is split into several sessions – each of which lasts for eight days. The current, final session of the Seliger-2011 is devoted to politics. According to organizers, this year, the forum has brought together about 20,000 youngsters from all across Russia.

Addressing the participants on Wednesday, Yakemenko spoke about the problems the country is currently facing and possible solutions to them, the forum’s press service reported on the official Seliger-2011 website. Referring to the young people as “true heroes”, he praised their efforts in fighting against drug-dealers, pedophiles, and bandits supporting illegal casinos.

“You are the ones who sacrifice their time to solve problems, while others take everything from life,” the head of the youth agency stated.

Many modern problems have historic roots in Russia since there is always “the best part of society” who suggests simple solutions, Yakemenko said sarcastically. He recalled that in 1917, “liberal circles” overthrew the Tzar for the sake of freedom, but that led to the Civil War which claimed the lives of 4 million Russians, and later the rule of the Bolsheviks, prison camps and the “best minds” leaving Russia. In the eighties, “the best part of society” suggested getting rid of the Communist regime, with promises of a better life and freedom. However, that resulted in poverty, conflicts and economic collapse.

The task of the Seliger forum participants, Yakemenko announced, is to prevent the possible destruction of the country. He said that they are on the same team as President Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister Putin and Deputy Head of the Russian presidential administration Vladislav Surkov(who is also believed to be the main Kremlin ideologist) – all those who “acknowledge existing problems and solve them”.

“Our task is to solve as many problems as possible by ourselves, and in that way we will make our state stronger, cleaner and more comfortable. The task of liberal pilferers is to find as many problems as possible, but shout about them rather than sort them out,” he stated.

In order to achieve that aim, Yakemenko suggested that the young activists search for real problems and address them using civil campaigns, activities in the streets and the internet as instruments. A positive result would be to make the young people a true public and political force, united by common goals, tasks and the experience of sorting out social problems. The head of the youth agency did not rule out that in the future, today’s forum participants may create a political party.

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