Pedophilia Suspect Caught

Pedophilia Suspect Caught

Published: November 2, 2011 (Issue # 1681)

St. Petersburg police detained 22-year-old student Alexander Kasatkin last week on suspicion of committing three instances of sexual violence against 10 and 11-year-old girls. The cases caused city police to hold preventative lectures on personal safety in city schools.

Kasatkin is believed to have been involved in about 15 more such cases, Fontanka reported.

Kasatkin was detained on Oct. 28, three days after the police asked city residents for help in identifying a suspect.

Several people called the police to identify the suspect, whose image had been caught on film by outdoor cameras on the buildings where the victims lived, Fontanka reported.

When asked, those who knew the man came forward with only positive things to say. He’s a good student, fond of sports, but not aggressive, is never seen drunk. He had relationships with women his age. Nobody suspected him of having sexual inclinations toward young children, Fontanka reported.

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