Pink punishment: BMW gets painted for illegal parking

Housepainters in Novgorod carried out an unusual act of vigilante justice on an illegally-parked BMW.

The car was parked on a sidewalk, blocking the way for pedestrians and for the painters, who were working on an adjacent house.

After attempting to track down the vehicle’s owner, they took action into their own hands, using their rollers to paint the front-half lilac-pink and daub a few obscenities onto the back window.

The driver has doubtless learned the lesson: never park near painters.

This is not the first extreme measure taken against those parking in an inappropriate place.

This past August, Vilnius Mayor Arturas Zuokas drove an armored military vehicle into a Mercedes parked in a bicycle lane as a reminder to those who violate traffic regulations and park their vehicle illegally.

In April 2010, a group of Moscow mothers launched a blog campaign against selfish drivers. The angry women pinned big stickers saying, “You don’t care about my kids – I don’t care about your car” across car’s front windows.

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