Pirates of Petersburg: Second city captured by Jolly Rogers

The second Jolly Roger in the last three days has been seen flying over St. Petersburg.

This time it was raised on top of an administrative building in the northern capital. The flag was taken down shortly after being spotted.

It is not clear who was responsible – people working in the building say they did not see anyone on the roof.

This is the second such incident in three days. The “Aurora” cruiser moored in St. Petersburg was turned into a pirate ship on Sunday.

On October 16, eight young people managed to sneak onboard the ship, now a museum, while 30 of their friends watched them from shore. Five people were detained by staff on the cruiser and transferred to a local police station. They will be charged with vandalism and conducting an unauthorized campaign. The remaining three youngsters, however, remained on the mast after hoisting the colors.

A St. Petersburg organization called “Narodnaya Dolya” (“People’s Take”) and “Food for Bombs” claimed responsibility for the incident. Their declared aim is to protest against poverty in Russia. All the protesters have been charged with hooliganism.

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