Poland grants parole to Russian spy

A Russian citizen convicted of espionage in Poland has been released on parole.

Tadeush Yukhnevich was arrested in 2009 and served two-thirds of his three-year sentence. He is accused of gathering information about Poland’s military defenses.

The investigation was conducted in secrecy, so the story leaked into the mass media only in 2010.

Prior to his arrest, Yukhnevich had been doing business in Poland for over 10 years. Investigators say he was in regular contact with Moscow using special equipment disguised as home appliances.

Yukhnevich was also allegedly recruiting new agents.

At the trial, he denies all the accusations. In May 2011 the lawyers filed an appeal, but it did not succeed. According to the verdict Yuhnevich was to be released in the beginning of 2012.

It is yet unknown whether Yukhnevich will be deported from Poland after release.

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