Poland slams Euro 2012 co-hosts Ukraine

Poland say they are very disappointed by the efforts that Euro 2012 co-hosts Ukraine have put into the organization of this summer’s big event.

­“We expected more [from them] but I’m sure Ukraine is very determined,” Wojciech Folejewski, the chief operating officer of the Poland 2012 organizing committee, is cited as saying by AP news agency.  “UEFA choosing us, they thought we were very similar, but the reality is very different.”

During its preparations, the Ukrainian side has faced numerous delays in construction of stadiums, hotels and other infrastructure, with the country taking a serious blow from the global economic crisis of 2008. While Poland managed to avoid many of such problems due to the support of the European Union.  

“If you look at past co-hosts like Switzerland-Austria or Belgium-Holland, they were very easy [to organize]. Let’s do more challenging and complicated projects [in the future]. Poland-Ukraine is very fresh,”
the official added.

Despite all the problems caused by their partners, Folejewski added that he is eagerly awaiting the European football championships and expects the tournament to be a “great adventure”.  

Euro 2012 kicks off in Poland and Ukraine on June 8, with the final scheduled for July 1.

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