Police Arrest Over 200 Drunk Drivers in Moscow

Moscow police have detained more than 230 drunk drivers in the Russian capital in the last twenty-four hours, the local Interior Ministry’s press office reported on Sunday.

“In the last twenty-four hours, the Moscow police have detained 236 drunk drivers on Moscow roads, of whom 154 underwent alcohol tests while 82 refused to take a breath test,” the press office said.

The Moscow police have registered 989 cases of drunk driving since the raid “Drunk Driver” was launched on September 24.

The authorities have ratcheted up the pressure on drunk drivers in Moscow after a September 22 crash, in which a 29-year-old man lost control of his car at a high speed, slamming into a bus stop and killing seven people. Five of the victims were children.

He told the police he had been drinking for two days, and that he had prior violations on his record.

Members of Russia’s State Duma have pushed for tougher punishments against drunk drivers, including a life-long prison sentence for offenders who cause multiple deaths.



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