Police dog severs man’s penis

Cody Melancon filed a federal lawsuit against the Gretna Police department in Louisiana. He claims police officers violated his civil rights when they released a police dog on him without just cause.

According to Melancon’s attorney, Roger Kitchens, the attack resulted in the K-9, Zin, severing 66 percent of his client’s penis. Melancon alleges the attack left him sexually dysfunctional and seeks $31 million in damages. “I was so much in shock I couldn’t do anything and in so much [pain],” Melancon tells WDSU News.

Gretna police officers, Roland Kindell and Joseph Mekdessie, were dispatched to Melancon’s apartment with a warrant to arrest Melancon on aggravated burglary and simple battery charges.

Melancon’s fiancée, Ashley Braxton, was at home at the time of the arrest with the couple’s two children. According to the police report, Braxton lied to the police officers and told them Melancon wasn’t on the property. In another police report, Officer Mekdessie wrote he took notice of some movement in back of the apartment and then released the K-9. Melancon was allegedly heading for the back bedroom which prompted Zin to attack Melacon’s. It just so happens that the pup’s bite was much worse than his bark.

Melacon was rushed to the hospital where two-thirds of his penis was surgically reattached; later he was taken to Jefferson Parish Correctional Center for several charges, including resisting arrest.

Kitchens claims the report is incorrect and that his client’s apartment didn’t have a rear exit or windows.

The May 30 incident is still fresh in Melancon’s mind. “He started saying, ‘Stop fighting with my dog,’ and he released the dog on me,” Melancon tells Paul Purpura of The Times – Picayune. According to Melacon, instead of telling Zin to stop, Mekdessie pulled the dog away, causing the dog to take an even bigger bite out of crime.

Melancon tells The Times, “I don’t have any sensation down there.”

“I can’t get an erection. I’m 25 years of age,” he adds.

Melancon is seeking justice (and sensation) and is requesting a trial by jury. According to the court documents, this wasn’t his first run in with Zin and the officers. According to the court documents, days prior Officer Kindell and Mekdessie, who are also being sued, approached Melancon outside of Caesar’s Sports Bar, removed him from his vehicle and conducted a search. After the search resulted in no contraband, the officers cited him for unnecessary noise coming from his sound system in order to justify the search.

Melancon’s attorney has filed a complaint with the FBI and Gretna Police Public Integrity Bureau and claims police are attempting to cover up the incident.

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