Police fears repeat of ethnic riots after nightclub fight ends in death

Moscow police are on high alert and the media is speculating on a possible repeat of the Manezh ethnic riots that blighted Moscow last December.

This comes after an ethnic Russian died following a punch from a Dagestani martial arts champion, Rasul Mirzaev, outside a famous Moscow nightspot.

The offender was arrested but then released on bail, which provoked mass outrage among Russian sports fans who have promised to hold a range of protests against the court’s decision following Sunday’s football match between Spartak and CSKA football clubs.

Now Mirzaev is again in a pre-trial detention center and many believe the judges might have been pressed into changing their mind by the rumors of demonstrations.

The police have urged the football fanclubs to take measures to ensure that the notorious Manezh square clashes are not repeated. Officials say nationalist leaders could use the Mirzaev case as a pretext to trigger ethnic clashes, as was the case back in December 2010.

The mass brawl in Manezh Square in the very center of Moscow broke out on December 11, 2010. Initially, the rally was meant to commemorate the death of football fan Egor Sviridov, killed by natives of the North Caucasus. Inflamed by nationalist slogans, the gathering turned violent and was suppressed by the police. Since then, an investigation into the incident has been ongoing.

At the same time, investigation into the death of Egor Sviridov is also continuing. Five suspects have been arrested. One of them, Aslan Cherkesov, has been charged with murder, while the others are accused of inflicting serious injuries and disorderly conduct.

The Moscow student, who was severely injured in a street fight with MMA Lightweight Champion, Rasul Mirzaev, died in a Moscow hospital on August 13.

Bloggers have been sharing information on the incident, claiming a radio-controlled car sparked the tragedy. The student used his toy to start a conversation with one of the girls in front of the club when Mirzaev, who was spending the evening with the young woman, took umbrage.

An argument began and the mixed martial arts specialist delivered just one blow to the young man. It was so powerful that Angafonov landed a meter away, striking his head on the pavement .

Mirzaev turned himself in to the police voluntarily and the 25-year-old athlete confessed to injuring the young man and was detained after questioning.

A criminal case on charges of deliberately inflicting grievous bodily harm resulting in death has already been launched against Mirzaev.

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