Police Release Opposition Protesters Detained Monday

Police in Moscow have released opposition protesters detained on Monday, the day of President Vladimir Putin’s inauguration for a third term, the police press service said on Tuesday.

Several hundred people wearing white ribbons – the symbol of Russia’s For Fair Elections protests – marched along downtown Tverskaya Street before gathering near Red Square as Putin’s inauguration ceremony got underway in the Kremlin.

Police said on Monday they had detained about 300 protesters at various unsanctioned demonstrations, with some of them detained and released several times.

“After some explanations, they were set free,” police said on Tuesday.

Protests against what they call stolen vote in the parliamentary and presidential elections of December and March resumed on Sunday in central Moscow.

Over 400 people were arrested and scores injured as Sunday’s rally against Putin’s rule turned violent when protesters briefly broke through police lines in a bid to take their protest to the Kremlin walls. Putin’s opponents accuse him of corruption and curtailing political freedoms.

On Tuesday morning, police detained opposition figureheads Alexei Navalny and Sergei Udaltsov for a second time in the past three days for trying to organize a new unauthorized protest near Kitai-Gorod metro station in downtown Moscow.

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