Police under-achievers to be offered new jobs

More than 26,000 policemen who failed the reaccreditation exams mandated by recent police reforms have been found new jobs, said the head of the Interior Ministry.

These are mostly people who worked hard but either failed to meet the new health requirements or lacked higher education. It was not revealed, though, what kind of jobs the ex-officers had been given.

Nearly 11,000 former policemen are still unemployed. The Interior Minister also reiterated that managerial roles in the force will be rotated regularly in future.

The Russian police force is currently undergoing a complete transformation, which will see every police officer tested and either fired or reinstated. One-third of the staff is to be dismissed in the process.

The Interior Ministry also plans to introduce psychological tests designed to assess a police officer’s inclination to accept bribes.

Those who pass the test will see their salary nearly doubled. Among other new social benefits, officers who have served for 10 years will now be eligible for a lump-sum payment toward a house. The exact amount will be decided on an individual basis.

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