Poll: Russians More Satisfied Than Ever

This article originally appeared at Business New Europe

A recent survey by Moscow-based pollster VTSIOM has recorded record-high numbers of Russians offering positive comments about the state of their country, according to a study released on April 21.

As the first bne:Chart shows, 83% of those polled registered a positive response when asked to assess Russia’s current domestic situation – the highest proportion of respondents since the poll was first conducted in March 2010, when only 57% gave positive answers.

However, a study by polling company Ipsos MORI, released on the same day, revealed Kazakhs to be even happier than Russians, with 92% of respondents offering a positive response when asked how they feel about current life in Kazakhstan, as the second bne:Chart shows.

Separating respondents by ethnicity showed there to be no difference in responses between ethnic Russians and ethnic Kazakhs, with both groups recording 93% positive responses.

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