Sept. 15, 9 pm, 16 Tonn, 6 Presnensky Val., bldg. 1, m. Ulitsa 1905 Goda

Over the last year or so, this Moscow-based band has been becoming increasingly prominent on the domestic indie rock scene. Formed in 2006 by singer/guitarist Daniil Brod, bassist Denis Agafonov, drummer Nairi Simonyan and keyboardist Sasha Lipski, Pompeya has several singles under its belt, including the recent hit “Cheenese.” Its full-fledged debut album, “Tropical,” came out last summer.

The musicians worship music from the 1970s and 1980s, saying it is “just wonderful.” Predictably, their musical tastes have influenced their own material, most often dubbed as a mix of danceable pop-rock and new wave.

Pompeya is a winner of the clubcircuit prize Zolotaya Gorgula. The band has performed at a number of high-profile festivals, including Faces Laces, Stereo Leto, Transmusicales and the Afisha Picnic.

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