Poorer Putin Falls Behind Stable Medvedev

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s income was stable in 2011, while Prime Minister Vladimir Putin became poorer, according to the income declarations of the ruling tandem unveiled on Thursday.

Medvedev earned almost 3.4 million rubles ($112,000) in 2011, about the same as in 2010. His wife Svetlana holds just 26.27 rubles (less than $1) in bank accounts, the Kremlin said.

The presidential couple did not acquire any new property compared with the previous year. Medvedev and his wife own a 367.8-square meter apartment as well as a garage in a car park and have a one-car parking spot in a garage cooperative. Medvedev also rents a 4,700-square meter lot and has two vintage cars, a 1948 GAZ-20 Victory (Pobeda) and a 1962 GAZ-21.

Putin’s income tumbled to 3.6 million rubles from 5 million rubles in 2010, the government web site said.

According to Putin’s income declaration, the premier, who is due to take up the third presidential term on May 7, has got a 153.7-square meter flat, smaller then president’s one.

Putin also owns a 1,500-square meter land plot, a garage with an area of 18 meters, three home-made cars and a Skif trailer, inherited from his father.

Russia’s top officials have been required to declare their income since 2008 in an effort to curb corruption in the country.

Putin has said the law requiring Russian government officials to disclose their incomes should be expanded to include the heads of state companies, universities and state medical establishments.


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